Lordshill Youth Project Celebrates 25 Years of Community Impact
June 17, 2024

The Lordshill Youth Project (LYP) marked a significant milestone, celebrating its 25th anniversary with an event that brought together community members, volunteers, and distinguished guests, including the Lord Mayor of Southampton, Councillor David Shields.


The event, held at the LYP’s centre-based hub, was a heartfelt tribute to the dedication and hard work of those who have supported the project since its inception in 1999. Founding trustees, including Ian Stickland, Rev. Shirley Smith, and Paul Boulton, were honoured for their pioneering efforts alongside Darryl Saxton, who has been a cornerstone of the project for 25 years. Current trustees now include Beth Bray and Caroline Stickland, Jack Deyes was recognised for his work over the past five years in the project’s social media.


Ian Stickland, speaking on behalf of the trustees, volunteers, and partner organisations, highlighted the project’s evolution, and enduring principles and that in that time over £0.75m had been invested in young people in the Lordshill area. The celebration featured a very powerful film from young people involved in the project sharing how it felt to live in Southampton, their future ambition and their views on the importance of youth work. Madeleine Durie, CEO of Youth Options shared an update on the relationship with LYP. The Clive Lewis Memorial Award was launched, aimed at enhancing social mobility for young people in the area and Southampton more broadly.


Ian shared an emotional tribute to Clive Lewis, explaining his personal connection: “You may have noticed in your invitation that we are going to share details of something that is new, very special and means much to LYP. For context, around 10 years ago, I was asked by my previous company – to be externally qualified as a Workplace and Employment Mediator. I qualified with a company called Globis, it was here that I first met Clive Lewis. Clive was the CEO of Globis. I quickly came to understand that Clive was no ordinary CEO, he was no ordinary man, he was an incredible influence over many people in his field of work and beyond. Clive also founded a charity called Bridge Builders, which focused on establishing significant mentoring relationships between young people. This relationship and Clive’s influence and writing 17 books, paid it forward in many high-conflict situations over subsequent years.”


Clive passed away in 2023, and his daughter Liz, son Jonathan and Andrea, the Mum of Liz and Jonathan were at this celebration to share their personal tribute to their Dad. The legacy of Bridge Builders has passed to LYP to establish an award program in Southampton for young people. This is being set up at this moment and will align with a very similar approach to Bridge Builders.


The Lord Mayor of Southampton, Councillor David Shields, shared his powerful reflections from the celebration and recognised the work of LYP and Youth Options.

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