LYP’s 20th
February 8, 2021

We recently celebrated 20 years of Lordshill Youth Project and to reflect on the privilege it continues to be working with young people in Lordshill. 

The celebration was held in conjunction with our key partners at Youth Options team at the Zoe Braithwaite Centre, right in the heart of Lordshill. It included everything any great birthday should have. This included a superb BBQ with our team, Youth Options and the young people from the area during the evening. 

It was an opportunity to share the stories that not only made the project what it is today but also focused on the future. We were very grateful to have many special guests who gave of their time that day. We were able to talk about a number of case studies and we also recognised all those who have contributed to the story and made it the success it is today.

On display at the Zoe Braithwaite Centre were the latest images from the work being conducted in the area and our thoughts about the future of the work. 

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who has been and continues to be part of this journey, and a special thanks for everyone who made this 20th birthday so special. 

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